SCMagLev Quick Online Survey 2020.12.30

The following quick survey (in English and Spanish) is the work of the newly formed grassroots, non-profit organization, Maryland Coalition for Responsible Transit (MCRT) (which is coordinating volunteer anti-MagLev action across independent communities impacted by the proposed SCMagLev train routes in Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties. MCRT is the same organization that initiated the recent (as yet unanswered) letter campaign asking MTA (*) to extend the DEIS (*) public comment period from 45-days to 180-days, to give You more time to participate -- in the middle of this global pandemic and holiday period.

So, some duplication was unavoidable and regrettable. Which is why we need you to please consider answering this quick survey, yourself, and also to pass this email to Your family, friends, neighbors, church, and co-workers, etc., asking them to answer the survey and pass it on, too.


Find the online survey below.



(MTA) Maryland Transit Administration part of Maryland Department of Transportation

(DEIS) Draft Environmental Impact Study for the proposed SuperConducting Magnetic Levitation train.


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---------- Forwarded message from MCRT ---------

Are you aware of the SCMaglev (superconducting magnetic levitation) train project? No, it's not the Purple Line, Beltway expansion, or the Hyperloop!

The SCMaglev train is proposed to be constructed along the Northeast Corridor (I-295) starting in Washington, DC, and ending in Baltimore, with one stop at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. It will affect residential property, parkland, federal property, a waterfront park, and forest preserves.

This site allows you to perform an address search and shows the routes of the SCMaglev.  

Please fill out this short survey to let us know what you think about this project.

Feel free to forward in social media. 


¿Conoce el proyecto del tren SCMaglev (Tren de levitación magnética superconductora)? ¡No, no se refiere a la Línea Púrpura, la expansión del Beltway o el Hyperloop!

Se está proponiendo que el tren SCMaglev se construya a lo largo de la autopista o Carretera I-295, Corredor Noreste, comenzando en Washington, DC y terminando en Baltimore con una parada en el Aeropuerto Internacional Baltimore-Washington (BWI).  Este proyecto afectará propiedades residenciales zonas verdes, propiedad federal, un parque frente a un río y reservas forestales.

Este sitio de internet le permite poner su dirección para accesar la proximidad de las rutas a su propiedad y encontrar información del Tren SCMaglev.  

¿Que piensa usted sobre este proyecto?  Complete una corta encuesta a continuación.

Por Favor comparta en sus redes sociales.

PETITION ACTION URGENT Extend MagLev Public Comments Period to 180 days


All you really have to do is go to this link
and enter something like: "Please extend DEIS public comment period 180 days" and maybe include one or more reasons from you point of view -- see below for inspiration.

More Detail:

A coalition of citizen groups in Prince George's County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, are working together to oppose the privately proposed Baltimore-Washington (BW) Super Conducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMagLev) train which would run below and tower high above ground mainly along one side or the other of the BW Parkway, which will physically and economically disrupt much of Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties, without any passenger stations, except at D.C., Baltimore, and BWI airport. We in PG/AA counties would get all of the pain and none of the gain, from years of disruptive construction, unceasing daily operations, increased (bailout) taxes and decreased residential property values.

We are asking you and (through you) your elected officials to ask the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to extend the final public commenting period on the SCMagLev, Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) from 45 to 180 days, so SCMagLev impacts on our communities can be further understood and articulated, to oppose the SCMagLev. When the DEIS is submitted to FRA on January 22 (over the holidays and in the midst of a global pandemic), for FRA's final approval/disapproval of SCMagLev, that will be the very first time we will see the entire proposed project, much less have time to study/comment on all of it within such a short time.

Two template email/letters are attached below. The first is for individuals to use to personally communicate your own comments, using suggested text, but also optionally adding/changing it to your own words. The second attachment is for community associations and other organizations. 

Here is where you need to send your comments:

Maryland Transit Administration  (MTA) - SCMagLev Comments
Holly Arnold
Email comments to: (attachments are accepted)
OR enter comments
 into the web form (no attachments are accepted)

Always send your comments mainly to MTA for SCMagLev project records

For even greater effect, send copies of your comments to your own elected representatives in this list:  See the last page for links to lookup any addressees not listed there.

Individual example letter

Organization example letter