South Laurel Area Violent Incidents From Initial Info

Below are violent incidents in/near South Laurel (20708) since 2012, based on initial reporting, notwithstanding revisions not shown here. In order by date of incident. More recent at top.  [+] marks newly added incidents (still in incident date order). Date/Time/Address may not be for the incident, but for the date/time/location from which officer service was requested (often without distinction in initially available info). H/T: Some data sent to me by other South Laurel Residents (SLR).
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Reporting Non-Emergency TIPs to Prince George's Police When Response of a Police Officer is Not Needed.

To provide Anonymous non-emergency information that you wish to bring to the attention of Prince George’s County Police Department  but do not need to request the dispatch of police officers

  • OR call 1-866-411-8477  (Anonymous), (but there are long wait times)
In future, everyone please consider reporting such useful, but after-the-fact, non-emergency information/TIPs not needing a police officer to respond, as above. 

For emergencies call 911

For Non-Emergencies which DO require response of a police officer, or Fire/EMS, etc., call P.G. County Non-Emergency Public Safety Dispatch at (301) 352-1200

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