South Laurel Area Violent Incidents From Initial Info

Below are violent incidents in/near South Laurel (20708) since 2012, based on initial reporting, notwithstanding revisions not shown here. In order by date of incident. More recent at top.  [+] marks newly added incidents (still in incident date order). Date/Time/Address may not be for the incident, but for the date/time/location from which officer service was requested (often without distinction in initially available info). H/T: Some data sent to me by other South Laurel Residents (SLR).
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2023.05.xx Shooting on Balsamwood Terrace, Shooting PGPD D6

6/27/2022 ASSAULT                 4400 BLOCK JOSEPHINE AVE

[+] Type: Shooting
Date: 04/04/2022 9:21 PM
Description: Shooting/Stabbing. PGPD o/s victim shot in chest during a robbery behind family dollar, victim found on Hawthorne lane
Address: 136xx Laurel Bowie Rd, South Laurel, MD

3/31/2022 Auto Stolen near 12601 Laurel Bowie Rd NB [PGPD DB]

3/30/2022 Assault, Shooting 95xx Muirkirk Rd [PGPD DB]

3/26/2022 Robbery, Residential 126xx Rustic Rock Ln [PGPD DB]
3/27/2022 1:04 AM B&E Shed  Oak Stream Dr., Montpelier Forest
[Apparent young male in light colored hoodie, and darker pants (not black] came in a backyard], and reportedly] looked through shed. [Video]

02/28/2022 10:47 PM Armed Robbery 88xx Barnsley Ct. [map]

Armed Robbery. PD o/s delivery driver robbed of cash & cell phone by 3 men armed with guns

2022.01.30 6:47 PM Armed Robbery 130xx Old Stagecoach Rd.
PD o/s pizza delivery person robbed of pizzas at gunpoint
[SpotCrime.comthen Scroll-Down for Details, Map, Street-View.

2022.01.10 2212 10:12 PM Armed Robbery. PGPD o/s armed carjacking by 3 men of a 2020 Toyoyta Camry with MD tags
Contee RD and Edinburgh LN South Laurel, MD (MAP)

2021.12.31 2138 Armed Robbery of 7-11 120xxx Laurel-Bowie Rd.
By 2 males with a shotgun. Cash & cigarettes taken

2021.10.23 Carjacking 2 kids recovered safe after unattended/running car stolen at Route 1 BP station MAP 

2021.09.25 Shooting Baltimore Avenue & Mulberry Street. Man found dead in crashed car with multiple gunshot wounds

2021.09.22 Assault Shooting 95xx Muirkirk Rd

2021.09.05 Shooting RT-197 & Muirkirk Rd

2021.08.30 Robbery Old Cistern Rd

2021.0822 Assault South Laurel Dr

+ 2021.07.24 Assault/Homicide 133xx RT-197 at Contee Rd
SB man was found shot to death in the parking lot of a South Laurel shopping center on Saturday afternoon. Prince George’s County police said officers found the man about 1 p.m. outside on the 13300 block of Laurel Bowie Road. (MAP) He was pronounced dead at the scene, police said on Twitter.
[WashPost By Stephanie Lai July 29, 2021 at 12:21 p.m. EDT [publication date]

2021.0718 Robbery & Other 117xx South Laurel Dr

2021.07.14 Shooting RT-197 & Contee Rd SB

2021.06.22 Assault South Laurel Dr

2021.06.21 Shooting RT-197 & Muirkirk Rd

2021.03.19 Assault/Weapon 95xx Muirkirk Rd

2020.09.21 Shooting 120xx RT-197 & Mallard Dr 

2014.08.24 Homicide 88xx Enfield Ct.

2012.11.29 Shooting 120xx RT-197 at Bottom Dollar (now Giant Food)

2012.11.28 Shooting Robbery Bowie Rd City of Laurel

2012.11.21 ‏Shooting Death at 116xx South Laurel Drive

2012.11.02 Shooting Robbery 132xx Golden Oak Dr Pizza Delivery Man Shot