Sat Mar 7 Party With Councilman Tom Dernoga

This is not intended as a partisan political message.

But i would be remiss if i did not let you know, and decide for yourself what you may, about a special opportunity to say thanks to our long-time County Councilman Tom Dernoga, this coming Saturday, March 7.

As recently demonstrated again, Tom has always supported our local communities without partisan bias, vis-a-vis local violent bars (Amazon, J's Cafe, Sweet Moon Grille) or to ensure community involvement in decisions about local real estate and business development (Montpelier Hills, Brick Yard, Villas at Laurel, Victoria Falls, and opposing the abrupt closing of the Giant Food store), etc., as well as other people-friendly policies county-wide..

Because of term-limits, Tom's time on the County Council is coming to an end. This party gives us an opportunity to celebrate his accomplishments on our behalf and help him prepare to continue in some other local elected government service. Tom's Council District 1 is big, but as you see on this map, this event is only an 8-mile drive from South Laurel.

Donations are discretionary, of course.

So for your information, i am enclosing below the official event announcement

The invitation says to RSVP, and that is important, but i'm going to go out on a limb and say Please Come Even If For Some Reason You Were Not Able to RSVP


Please join the
Citizens for Tom Dernoga Family
In Celebrating
Tom’s 50th Birthday

Saturday, March 7th
3 - 6 pm
Branchville Volunteer Fire Company
4905 Branchville Road * College Park, MD 20740
( MAP )

at his website about what Tom has done for us locally
and for all of Prince George’s County
while serving on the County Council

PLEASE RSVP to 240-644-5949

* Win a Week’s stay at a Pacific Beach, CA condo
* More door prizes
* Enjoy Food & Drinks
* Music
* Enjoy Kid-Friendly Activities

$1,000 Guardian Angel
$500 RichUncle/Aunt
$250 Great Uncle/Aunt
$150 Big Brother/Sister
$50 Adoring Niece/Nephew
$____ Whatever You Can Afford

(Under this economy, we appreciate any contribution you can afford)

Make Checks payable to Citizens for Tom Dernoga and mail to P.O. Box 755, Laurel, MD 20735, or
visit and use your credit card.

Contributions to Citizens for Tom Dernoga are not tax deductible.
By authority: Barry Briscoe, Treasurer

Lock Bumping, Key Bumping, and Solutions

A neighbor just told me about a current surge of emails circulating widely these days (and recent TV news reports) about how easy it has actually long been for burglars to open most home door locks (latch and deadbolt,) as well as keyed padlocks, etc., using a technique called "Lock Bumping" or "Key Bumping".

Burglars already know this, maybe we should too. has an excellent factual article that puts this very real security risk into perspective. YouTube also has many good videos showing how it works. One of the better YouTube videos is by Master Lock, also shows the kinds of new locks being invented to stop Lock Bumping.

As always, combining multiple security measures at each entrance should be considered, consistent with what you personally feel is a reasonable trade-off between security and convenience, not unlike a decision whether to add an anti-theft system to a vehicle.

This and other persistent "Alerts" are accessible on this blog at the menu Other Information