April 16 7pm Crime Prevention Seminar at MLK MS

Crime Prevention Awareness Seminar
The District VI Community Response Team invites you to attend our Crime Prevention Awareness Seminar, dedicated to sharing crime prevention and personal safety tips to the public. This will include various topics of interest, crime trends and methods of prevention.
The Seminar will be held on
Thursday, April 16th , 2009 at 7:00pm
Martin Luther King Middle School
4545 Ammendale Road
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
Very Nearby ... See Map
The session will be facilitated by the District VI Community Response Team. The Community Response Team’s focus is to educate the community on crime prevention. Topics of discussion will include Burglary Prevention, Auto Theft Prevention, Neighborhood Watch, Operation Identification, Residential & Commercial Security Surveys (with a sign up list), The Criminal Investigation Division, District VI ’s Investigative Section, Special Assignment Team, Robbery Suppression Team, and the Auto Theft Investigator will speak on operations, general police practices, investigative methods currently used, different ways the community can assist and other topics of community concern.
Community Response Team Members
Sergeant Blackistone, Corporal Carter, Corporal Woody
Corporal Montgomery, Corporal Easter,
Officer Hamilton, Officer Albright

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