Verizon Trenching Suspected in Home Water Line Breaks

The following was reported on July 18 by my neighbor on Fairlane Place whose outside water supply line broke on the same day last week that Verizon trenched and installed fiber optic cable conduit across his property on Fairlane Place, as they are doing throughout our local area in preparation for new broadband Fiber Optic to the Home (FTTH) aka Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) for telephone, very high-speed internet and video services, also marketed as FiOS.


I learned from the Miss Utility people today that the water pipes in several other housing units have failed. I know of two on Tuscany. I think, statistically, I can state the failures are the result of Verizon's on-going work. I think it's also reasonable to assume there will be additional failures in the areas where Verizon hasn't got to yet. Please alert other home owners to the problems which have already occurred.

Right now, it would appear that Verizon is potentially negligent in protecting the individual homes from the effects of the high intensity shock waves associated with their tunneling operations. In addition to the piping that failed, other's could be significantly weakened.

Any one experiencing similar outside water line breaks possibly associated with Verizon trenching is encouraged to post a comment on this item. Please include date and location.

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