Recent Rash of Car Thefts Along Muirkirk - Take Precautions

According to word from the President of the nearby Beltsville Citizens Association, there has recently been a rash increase in auto thefts in the South Laurel area along Muirkirk Road. The vehicles of choice appear to be Chryler and Dodge products.
Statistic show that a majority of the vehicles that are stolen are left unattended with the keys in the ignition, or unlocked.
Also consider taking other precautions, such as using steering wheel locks, like the Club, etc.
Dates and locations of vehicle thefts and other crimes in our Police District 6 and for each of the other five police districts are reported in the P.G. Crime Report in the Thursday P.G. Extras section of the Washington Post, which you may review at the Regional Crime link that i update each week on the MH News web site.