Sunrise Sports Bar Mar 14 Liquor Hearing Recap

On March 14, the Prince George's County Liquor Board held a Show Cause Hearing for Sunrise Restaurant and Sports Bar, 10800 R Rhode Island Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705, due to a shooting there on January 28.

This brief report does not do justice to the many issues and resident concerns raised at that hearing, to which Councilman Dernoga and District 21 State Delegate
Joseline Pena Melnyk testified.

After lengthy testimony and very assertive legal challenges by the Bar's lawyer, the Liquor Board withdrew three of the charges and ultimately ruled that there had been no showing of fact at that hearing that the Sports Bar was itself operating inconsistent with the peace and safety of the community.

There were outstanding issues about noise, and more, which the owner committed to resolving with the community. The owner had hired a new manager with many years experience managing multiple restaurants who said he has begun to make changes to discourage irresponsible patrons and wants very much to buy the restaurant. But the current owner is unable to terminate the 7 years left on her lease.

Due to petitions from the community, the Liquor Board will still hold a License Renewal Protest Hearing on May 2 (notice) at which the public can give statements.