24-Hour Blockbuster Express $1 DVD Kiosk Now at Bottom Dollar // More

Update 2012:
Redbox Has Replaced Blockbuster Express Kiosk at Bottom Dollar (Food Lion).

There is now a 24-hour access Blockbuster Express kiosk just outside the entrance to the Bottom Dollar grocery store in Crystal Plaza on Route 197 at Muirkirk Rd (12675 Laurel Bowie Rd). The kiosk rents DVDs for $1 (until 9 pm the following night; $1 for each subsequent 24 hours). No account is required. A credit card is needed. You can rent videos right at the kiosk, OR at blockbusterexpress.com and choose a Blockbuster Express kiosk location to pick them up. The DVDs can be returned to any Blockbuster Express kiosk. Be sure to look for the FREE Rental Coupon Code sticker on the machine at Bottom Dollar; there are more discount coupons at blockbusterexpress.com

Blockbuster Express  is very much like the now familiar 24-hour access Redbox DVD rental kiosks at the nearby 7-11 store on Rt. 197 at Mallard Dr., and at other 7-11's and McDonalds, etc.

ALSO ...
  • There is a new, real Hispanic Bakery inside the Super Grand Mart 13600 Laurel-Bowie Road LaurelMD 20708 (in the back right section of the store where previously there were only shelves of packaged pastries)  
  • The Chevron gas station on Rt 197 at Muirkirk Rd (at Crystal Plaza) has converted to a Sunoco. The Chevron signs are gone and there is a temporary Sunoco sign. The gas prices are already lower -- that Chevron had been known for consistently higher gas prices than other gas stations nearby.
  • There is a new, very friendly, family-run cafe next to the liquor store on Mallard Dr.