New Soo's Deli in Pheasant Run Shopping Plaza

Here's an unsolicited testimonial received from a satisfied customer about the new Soo's Deli, 9832 Mallard Dr. (MAP), on the corner of the liquor store building that faces south toward Mallard Dr.

I am writing about Soo's Deli located at 9832 Mallard Drive (Pheasant Run Shopping Plaza). I went there several weeks ago and I ordered a chicken salad sandwich which was very good. Then, on this past Thursday morning, I went to the deli because breakfast is served "all day". I wish to report that their "big breakfast" is also quite good and the portion is generous. The big breakfast includes two eggs (your way), home fries (real potatoes) with onions, sausage and bacon and two slices of toast. All of this for $3.99 + tax.

I hope that other South Laurel residents will patronize Soo's Deli. The service is warm and friendly and the food is made on site and very neatly presented. There are tables for those who prefer to "eat in" or carryout is available. As a resident of South Laurel, we must patronize the business of our community and I do hope that Soo's Deli will become a favored place to go.