UPDATED - Wed 2011.03.07 Traffic lights Upgrade at Rt. 197 & Contee Rd

UPDATED: March 7: Daily daytime work by the State Highway Administration continues at Rt. 197 & Contee Rd to upgrade the traffic control signals there. Cuts are being made in the roadway -- narrowing traffic to one lane at times. So far, there seems to have been no repeat of the March 1 - March 2 traffic signal outages, particularly at rush hour.
March 2, 3:55 pm: SHA just told me that an SHA signals supervisor is going to Rt. 197 & Contee to look into it, and they are aware this is a recurring problem that needs to be fixed, especially during rush hour two days in a row.
March 2, 2:30 pm
Traffic control signals are blinking again at the intersection of Route 197 (flashing yellow) and Contee Rd (flashing red) since at least 2:15 pm today, Wednesday, March 2, 2011.

At this time traffic is flowing OK (you go, then i go, they you go, then i go), but based on experience during yesterday's rush hour when the signals were flashing, we can expect traffic to severely back up at that intersection again this evening during rush hour.

So, use caution if you're in the area or consider planning a different route.

For the past few days, State Highway Administration has been installing new traffic control signals on steel beams over that intersection, to replace the existing signals hanging on damage-prone cables.