Support New Liquor Board Regulation #75 Entertainment Permit

Please consider sharing widely within our community.

I urge you to support this proposed new Liquor Board Regulation #75 Entertainment Permit , which is now pending a public hearing on June 28, 2011 @ 10:00 a.m. County Service Building, 5012 Rhode Island Avenue, Hearing Room 200, Hyattsville, Maryland 20781.

I believe that Regulation #75, as now written, represents a great advance in the Liquor Board's obligation and powers for oversight and enforcement of all 185 establishments with Class B Liquor Licenses in Prince George's County who must now apply for this new Entertainment Permit, without which they can not have any kind of entertainment (not even DJs), and thus this regulation will greatly improve safety in our community -- especially the particular provisions for:
  • A newly required Security Plan for all Class B liquor license establishments who apply for the new Entertainment Permit 
  • Prince George's County Police Chief review and comment on each Security Plan
    • With police oversight, we can now expect all new Security Plans to be far more robust than in the past (which previously typically specified only the number of off-duty police officers required as security).
  • Public hearings for all Entertainment Permit applications, to ensure public participation
I believe that the clear wording of Regulation #75 should alleviate legitimate concerns raised last year about how the Liquor Board might actually implement it, based on its enabling legislation (PG 315-10 enacted May 20, 2010 as HB-558;  Maryland Law Chapter 684).

No doubt improvements will be made to Regulation #75 resulting from the June 28 Liquor Board public hearing and public comment, but it is a very good start. I hope you can participate at the June 28 10:00 am Liquor Board hearing in support of Regulation #75, and/or communicate your own views to the Liquor Board prior to the hearing.
Thank you for your kind attention to this opportunity to make our community safer. NB: Also at 10:00 am June 28 the Liquor Board will hold public hearings on these two Regulations: