Dec 21 Lilly Black Lab/Mix still missing (2011)

UPDATE 2011.12.21 A message from Lilly's owner...
Please continue to look for Lilly... We need a sighting   ... Help us find Lilly. Lilly is a five or seven year-old Lab/Collie mix, but she looks all lab. She's fairly small and a little chubby, and has a dark brown/black coat with some white hair around her face. She was lost at the Beltsville Community Center. She's extremely shy, and will probably run if you approach her. If you happen to see her, it might be possible to lure her close using food, but try not to run after her, unless you're absolutely sure you can catch her. Contact us if you see her at: 617-620-9144

Lilly is a black Labrador Retriever/Mix
Lost since June 28 near the Beltsville Community Center.
It has been over 5 months. We need a sighting!

Lilly is approximately 45 lbs. She has a red collar,  ID tags.
PAWS New England tag and vaccination.
She is microchipped  #OA12564F79.

She is very shy and will not approach you. Please do not chase!

Please call if you see a BLACK LAB/MIX She deserves to be safe!
  • Kelly 617-620-9144
  • Dana 410-215-5114  
Let's bring Lilly home!  Follow her journey home at

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