Alert 22 Aug "Curb Painting" -- Possible Scam (2012)

Residents in some areas of Laurel-Beltsville, including South Laurel, and possibly more widely across the DC metro area, are saying that they
  • Got a notice today in our mail box saying "new" curb address numbers are being painted on the curb in our street tomorrow. That the notice asks us to fill a form with our name & address and leave it out with a $25 check.
One hates to be paranoid, but this is suspicious for several reasons:
  • Payment is asked before the painting is done
  • Your name & address is collected (as though leaving a check on your door was not enough), but the notices give no reliable contact info for whoever is doing the "painting". 
  • $25 is a bit high for painting a few numbers on a curb
  • "New numbers" may just mean "repainted", not necessarily "Different numbers" -- so why repaint curb numbers NOW?
  • Other scams are currently afoot in our area, including the refund scam that BGE reported recently. 
If someone has information indicating that this is legit, please send it to me.

Otherwise, as always, buyer beware. Because, if this is a scam, then getting involved could draw you into deeper trouble, like the "painters" coming back asking to enter your house on some pretext, theft, robbery, or an even more lucrative scam. Don't become a mark.