Rt 197 & Contee Rd Still a Focus of "Take 30 for Traffic" by PGPD

Begun on May 1, 2012, Prince George's County Police continue the "Take 30 for Traffic" program, where every day of the week every patrol officer spends 30 minutes (or more) at some time during every 8-hour shift , to specifically focus on local area traffic enforcement, not only to reduce traffic related violations, injuries and deaths, but also to encounter and arrest criminals and fugitives pulled over for traffic violations, because criminals gotta drive [Gazette, 2012.05.10]

According to PGPD District VI Community Oriented Policing Services officers (2013.02.28), the intersection of Laurel Bowie Rd (Rt 197) and Contee Rd will continue indefinitely to be a South Laurel area  focus for "Take 30 for Traffic".