Nov 14 New "Washington Gas" Phone Scam in South Laurel & Elsewhere

The following was reported by a resident of local Woodbridge Crossing ...

Last week I received a call ... that purportedly was from a rep from  "Washington Gas," telling me they were preparing to offer me a "discount" on my gas bill for being such a good customer.

Our bill, by the way, was only $20 last month, hardly meriting a discount.
He had my name right, and my address correct, but when he asked me to "confirm my account number" at Washington Gas, I told him to 'stuff it.'
Sounds in the background like those associated with a 'Boiler Room' come-on.  Indian or Pakistani-influenced in the English language spiel.
I reported it to Washington Gas the day of the call.

This is different (new?) from previous scams reported by Washington Gas