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Jun 2 ‏Road closure due to high water - Brock Bridge Road at PG & AA County line. Usual spot. @PGFDPIO @southlaurelmd

Brock Bridge Rd still dangerous in heavy rains despite recent work @southlaurelmd
"Mark Brady ‏@PGFDPIO 10pm Jun 1 2015
Road closure due to high water - Brock Bridge Road at the Prince George's MD and Anne Arundel County line. Usual spot."
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GS: This flooding occurred despite 3 major enlarged flood-control culverts installed in July 2014 at that "usual spot" just inside the Anne Arundel County line, as reported here:


May 19, Man's body identified after the truck he was driving disappeared near Patuxent River, at the other end of Brock Bridge Rd, near Dorsey Run.
(WashPost, May 21)