June 2 UPDATE, 3 Arrests (VIDEO) - June 1 Video shows ATV rider taunting Prince George’s police officer on county highway

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June 2, 2016​From: Montpelier Forr​est, South Laurel
DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. - Police have charged an ATV rider and a camera operator who video recorded themselves taunting a police cruiser in Prince George's County.

Washington Post
Police charge ATV rider, camera operator who taunted police cruiser in Prince George's County http://www.fox5dc.com/news/151768800-story

Officers say Piera Sterling Barbour, of Ft. Washington, was the man seen on a video posted online over the weekend riding his ATV dangerously close to a Prince George's County police cruiser along Pennsylvania Avenue in District Heights, Md.
Michael Wayne Roane, of Washington, D.C., was named by police as the camera operator who filmed Barbour.
Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski announced that charges had been filed live on FOX 5 Thursday morning.
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June 1
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