Thefts from Cars at Gas Stations

Prince George's County Police District VI (Laurel/Beltsville)​

Date: Mon, May 1, 2017 at 10:54 AM
Subject: Reminder!

When fueling your vehicles, keep your keys in your hand, secure valuables on your person or lock your car doors. Below is an excerpt from an incident that occurred off Cherry Hill Road:

The victim stated that she was at the gas pump and began to walk away from her 1998 Silver Honda CRV, when someone told her that the suspect (Unknown) stole items out of her car. The victim ran back to her vehicle to see if anything was taken when she realized that her wallet, which contained 120 dollars cash, 3 credit cards, and her driver’s license was gone off the front passenger seat. The suspect opened the passenger side front door, which was unlocked, grabbed something and then fled into the apartment complex

Around the County, there have been cases where a second car will pull alongside the person who is fueling up.  A passenger in the suspect car hunches down out of sight, and opens passenger side car door undetected.  They’re good at stealing purses and wallets this way.