Dump Trucks Racing on Muirkirk Rd

UPDATE - Jan 22:
This matter now seems to have been resolved, after Longwood Community Association (on Muirkirk Rd) contacted the relevant development company, who promptly told the dump truck contractor to correct the path of the trucks and stop the speeding. The dump trucks will now travel on RT 1, not the length of Muirkirk Rd as before.

For the past several days and still continuing there has been a veritable parade of about 15 dump trunks per hour traveling south on Rt. 197 and turning west onto Muirkirk Rd., and racing all day long past the Montpelier Elementary School at well over 50 mph.

So i joined the parade and found out that the trucks are traveling clockwise on the route marked on the map.

They are stopping at two locations:

One stop at "General Shale & Brick" on Muirkirk Rd just east of Route 1, marked B on the map.

And another stop at a construction zone on the west side of the new Laurel Centre at Contee and Route 1, marked C on the map.

And then they continue east on Contee Rd, across Route 1, over the bridge, then south on Route 197, west on Murkirik, and so on, and so on.

Looking again a the map, one wonders why they are driving the very long way around using roads east of Route 1, instead of coming back the way they came on the non-residential roads west of Route 1.