No More "Do Overs" for J's Sports Cafe After 3 Shooting Homicides

Three Shooting Homicides and They're Out !! As i understand it, after two previous homicide shootings within the past two years associated with violence at J's Sports Cafe, in early January the P.G. Liquor Board provide fairness and due process to the new owner and did approve a Class B(LX) liquor license transfer at J's Sports Cafe, on condition (confirmable with the P.G. Liquor Control Board) that 1) J's Sports Cafe implement a security plan to prevent loitering in the parking lot and violence not only in the "Cafe" but also in the parking lot. 2) No more bands known to draw drugs and violence, as vividly demonstrated last year at Club Amazon on Route 1 Laurel, which was closed down by the county after just ONE shooting.) J's Sports Cafe's county mandated security plan failed when several security guards (uniformed off-duty PG County Police) officers hired by the Cafe were on the scene but were unable to prevent this third shooting death. It is not clear how any security plan could prevent such violence fostered by the Go-Go-style bands that seem to be what attracts violent clientèle to J's Sports Cafe. Whether of not J's Sports Cafe actually violated its liquor license provisions and conditions is a matter for the P.G. County Liquor control Board to determine at a fair hearing - - and soon i hope. It is unclear what, if any, changes at J's Sports Cafe now would actually prevent this unacceptable recurring fatal violence in our community. No More "Do Overs".