J's Sports Cafe Closed -- For Now

On Monday, February 12, i noticed a sign on the locked front door of J's Sports Cafe that said:

"J's Sports Cafe will be closed while undergoing Change of Ownership Process. New J's will REOPEN in Mid-February Thank you for your patronage. Management" END QUOTE

The photo is from a Feb 12 Washington Post article that reported: QUOTE - J's closed temporarily after the incident because of several county code enforcement issues, bar co-owner Alex Kim said. END QUOTE

Reportedly, J's Sports Cafe was shut down on or about Feb 8 because it did not have a valid Use and Occupancy permit at the time of the murder on Jan 28. Their U&O application is pending.

The P.G. Liquor Board has not yet posted a hearing date for reviewing J's Sports Cafe's liquor license in the wake of the 3d shooting homicide there on Jan 28.

Petitions by local residents requesting a hearing to revoke the Liquor License at J's Sports Cafe must be received by the P.G. Liquor Board before March 1. [Liquor Board address and related information]