School Bus & Car Collide on Muirkirk 4 pm Mar 13

Around 4 pm Thursday, March 13, 2008 a Prince George's County Schools bus and a red car collided on Muirkirk Rd at Lanner Place (just west of Montpelier Elementary School.) This was two hours after Montpelier ES had let out.

By-standers told me the collision occurred as the red car exited Lanner Place turning left onto Muirkirk. The image shows a piece of the front of the red car under the bus. The red car ended up plowing through a wood fence into in the back yard of the home at the south-west corner of Muirkirk and Lanner Pl.

Apparently, the car's driver was injured and taken from the scene in an ambulance. There was no information about any other passengers of the car or the bus driver or bus passengers, nor whether there were other injuries.