2011.01.27 District 1 Snow Update: Mary Lehman

Dear Neighbors,
I hope you and your family came though the storm OK last night. The District 1 staff has been in touch with the Department of Public Works & Transportation, PEPCO and BGE all day.  Here's an update. 

From DPW&T
We are in the second rotating, 12-hour shift, which began at 4 PM today. Crews will work throughout the night and for as long as necessary to treat all county roadways. Although crews have made excellent progress, there are still remaining streets that need to be treated. Please note that there are 5000+lane miles that must be addressed with less than 300 vehicles.  

Temperatures are expected to fall below freezing tonight and crews will treat roads with salt tonight, as necessary, to prevent refreezing as much as possible. Even with salting, there still may be icy patches on roadways.  Motorists are encouraged to drive with caution during tomorrow morning's rush hour. In some instances, plow drivers are encountering downed power lines and trees, thus cannot complete a street. As wires are repaired and trees removed, crews will complete roadways.  Crews will work until all roadways have been cleared.

If your street has not been plowed, please complete this form.

Contact the Snow Information Center at 301-350-0500 to report emergencies or concerns about roadway conditions.

To assist crews, residents should:
  • Move and keep vehicles off snow emergency routes
  • Park in driveways or other off-road locations wherever possible
  • Park only on the EVEN NUMBERED sides of roads/streets.
Please be a Good Neighbor
REMINDER: Homeowners or renters and businesses are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks.

Thanks to all of you who have shoveled a neighbor's walk or called in a power outage for someone with a health problem.

We know many in District 1 are without power and we are in touch with PEPCO and BGE regularly. Please keep reporting your outages. Please respond to this email if we can help.

From BGE

We have restored service to approximately 145,000 customers since last night. All our are resources engaged in storm restoration.  Storm and outage map
  • There are currently approximately 6900 customers out of service in Prince George's County.
  • We have restored over 7300 customers in Prince George's County since the storm began.
  • We expect the vast majority of our customers to be restored by Saturday night. 
  • Customers should continue to call BGE at 1-877-778-2222 every 4 hours or so to receive the latest available information regarding service restoration.
Customers should continue to call PEPCO at 1-877-737-2662 regularly for updates regarding service restoration.

Feel free to forward this email to your neighbors or neighborhood list. Let us know if we can be of service. 

Thank you,

Mary A. Lehman
County Council District 1