Free Child ID Kits from County Police District VI

Prince George's County District VI

Concerned Citizens for Children’s Identification

A group of citizens, along with the Prince George’s County Police Department, have identified a need to establish and implement a child identification care package. This package is designed to educate the parent and child on how to avoid being abducted and to provide an information sheet with all information needed to forward to law enforcement in the event your child is determined to be missing. This is 100% free and 100% confidential. The parent will take possession of the packet once it is completed. The identification sheet will only be given to law enforcement once it has been determined, by the parent, that the need is there. This is a one step process designed to make life a little easier during a time of crisis.

This is all made possible by concerned citizens who have given their time and the materials needed to make this program possible:  Joyce Beck, Karen Coakley, Frank Cockrell, Elizabeth Evans, Dale Good and Evelyn Wright.

Any questions e-mail Cpl. Woody at .