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Montpelier Post Office to Close ?

UPDATE 2011.02.22: Postal Service says it has no intention to close Crystal Plaza -- yet, according to this Feb 22 Laurel Leader article.

Here's an article and call to action from the Montpelier Community Association public website about the U.S. Postal Service possibly preparing to close our nearby Montpelier post office in Crystal Plaza ...

For related press as it becomes available, please also see
South Laurel News & Views News File # Closing Montpelier Post Office ?

Please consider sharing this widely among residents of South Laurel, and contacting our U.S. Senators and Congressman to express your own views about this, as listed in the above article.

And although this is a federal issue, because it has strong local impact you may want to also contact our local elected representatives:

County District 1. Councilwoman Mary Lehman, at district1staff@gmail.com

and depending on where you live in South Laurel

Maryland Assembly District 21 Delegation 
Senator:     jim.rosapepe@senate.state.md.us
Delegate:   barbara.frush@house.state.md.us
Delegate:   ben.barnes@house.state.md.us
Delegate:   joseline.pena.melnyk@house.state.md.us


Maryland Assembly District 23/A Delegation
Senator:      douglas.peters@senate.state.md.us
Delegate:    james.hubbard@house.state.md.us
Delegate:    Geraldine.Valentino@house.state.md.us