Apr 17-18 Public Comments on Prince George's Police Compliance with Accreditation Standards

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As stated in the enclosed Public Notice, "comments must address the PGPD's ability to comply with CALEA standards". But i learned that a copy of the book with the 400+ CALEA standards is available for citizen's to read only at PGPD headquarters, 7600 Barlowe Rd, Palmer Park, MD (MAP). If you are able to go to PGPD headquarters to read the CALEA standards there, contact Donald Pike at (301) 772-4775.

You can order a copy of the CALEA law enforcement agency standards publication for $45 at this link but it might not arrive before the April 17 - 18 public comment period. I'm told that not all CALEA standards apply to all law enforcement agencies being accredited by CALEA.

In any case, please consider submitting your comments, whether or not you are able to read the CALEA standards before hand.