Prince George's County Police Crime Incident Data Now on

Prince George's County Police Department (PGPD) is now reporting county crime incidents at the free web site . That web site merges PGPD crime incident data with other kinds of information from other sources onto a full-feature Google map (streets, satellite, terrain, etc), and also in a list sortable by Crime type, Date, or Distance (Click the Crime Details tab at the left screen margin). When i checked, the data seemed to go back to at least December 1, 2010.

In the map or Crime Details list, click on each incident for details including the source, date, time and location at which the incident was reported to police -- not necessarily indicative of the date, time or location of the incident itself.  Be aware that you will see also incidents located outside your immediate neighborhood and outside Prince George's County Police jurisdiction (see below).

Go to and create a free account, then:
  • Choose Map Tools (display settings) 
    • Date Range
    • Incident layers (types of incidents and other data to be displayed)
    • Map Layers (local neighborhood boundaries)
  • THEN in SEARCH enter a location (zip or street address) to set the center of the map display. 
    • 9100 Muirkirk Rd, Laurel, MD is about the center of South Laurel 
    • Zoom  in or out.
    • SEARCH will display all incidents that fit your criteria and fit on the screen. That includes locations outside your immediate neighborhood or outside Prince George's County -- such as nearby counties or cities that are not within Prince George's County Police jurisdiction. The Source shows the jurisdiction, not the geographic location (the geographic location is shown by the incident pin on the map and the street address).
    • Some map pins indicate multiple incidents at the same location. Zooming will not disaggregate them.
      Click on the icon to see a scrolling list of multiple incidents at that location.   
You can also create daily email alerts for your area and choice of incident types, which will send you all your selected incident types from each previous day.

You can also subscribe to email alerts from local law enforcement agencies. It is not clear if such alerts are working yet in for Prince George's County Police Department (PGPD).

Some parts of are still in development -- so expect changes in how its menus work, etc. If you have technical trouble with the web site, try updating/installing. Adobe Flash Player.

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PGPD crime data is also available at
though the association with PGPD is unclear.