Jul 5 Bogus BGE workers scamming some South Laurel & Laurel Neighborhoods trying to get inside homes (2012)

UPDATE: Jul 12 Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Press Release Warns Customers to be Aware of Utility Imposters
I belatedly saw this article in the July 5 Laurel Leader about bogus BGE scammers, only after being visited earlier two separate times by people going door-to-door in my community of Montpelier Hills, each saying that they were canvasing to ensure that i would get some kind of $100 refund from BGE. (*) Unaware of the scam at that time, i nonetheless told them that i would contact BGE directly about it myself, so they left. One of them asked, "Don't you want more money", to which i replied, "Think of me as the baby in Jimmy Fallon's ads for Capital One." (*) Here's info from BGE about a real $100 refund for some customers.