Laurel City Police Introduce Speed Camera Prototype

City of Laurel Press Release


Laurel Police Introduce Speed Camera Prototype

Prototype Speed CameraLaurel Mayor Craig Moe and Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin will deploy a new tool this week in order to raise awareness to speeding on City streets. In an effort to increase speed awareness within the City of Laurel School Zones, or what the Mayor and Police Chief refer to as ‘Safe Kid School Zones’, the Laurel City Police Department will introduce a brand new concept and prototype product manufactured by Brekford Corp.  The research and development of the prototype device was made possible in conjunction with the Laurel Police Department.

This new device will use the current speed camera platform (box) with a pole-mounted speed display sign, which will illustrate, or display, the vehicle speed as drivers enter the coverage area.  Although the device will intentionally and closely resemble a speed camera box it will not (for the time being) be utilized for enforcement or ticketing purposes. The sole intent and purpose of this initiative is to serve as a speed awareness and speeding deterrent, however it will have that capability if enforcement is warranted in the future.  This prototype configuration, a box and mounted display panel, is the first of its kind in the area and maybe the country.  The device is solar and/or battery powered depending on the usage and volume of traffic.  The components of the device will have the capability to collect statistical data of vehicle counts, traffic volume and times of heaviest usage. 

The pilot program will begin the week of March 17, 2014.  These specific devices are being tested, installed and deployed sometime this week (March 17-21, 2014) on Montgomery Street in the 1200 block (eastbound traffic) and the 300 block (westbound traffic).   

Chief McLaughlin says, “We don’t think drivers intentionally speed in school zones or anytime they know kids area around, but we know it happens and we hope this tool will remind driver’s to slow down and be careful.”  Mayor Moe adds, “I applaud the collaboration of the Police Chief and Brekford, Corp. coming up with this innovative tool to raise public awareness and modify driver behavior when appropriate.”