PGPD will ticket vehicles left running unattended - to prevent car theft & for safety

A message for South Laurel-area area residents from Prince George's County Police District VI (Beltsville/Laurel) Community Oriented Policing Service Unit (C.O.P.S.) 


The Police Department has been experiencing calls for service for vehicles running unattended and being stolen. 

Please remind your communities that it is against the law to leave vehicles running unattended, and that police will be out in our District VI communities ticketing violators.

So please, let all of your communities know not to leave their vehicles running unattended -- remove the key, make sure the engine is stopped, ignition is locked and set your vehicle’s brake.

Thank you.
Cpl. Woody

Cpl. Woody #2305
Prince George’s County Police Department
District VI
C.O.P.S. Unit