Gone in 30 Seconds - Put Valuables Out of Sight

In 30 seconds, a thief can break into your car and steal your valuables

In 20 seconds, you can put your valuables into your trunk, out of sight!

These kinds of items left in plain view are tempting to thieves:
  • GPS / Radar Detector / Freestanding XM-Sirius & HD Radios  
  • Briefcases
  • Jewelry / CDs / Popular clothing (athletic shoes, jackets)
  • Shopping Bags and Boxes, especially gifts & electronics
  • Purse / Money & Money Cards / Gas cards 
  • Cell Phones / Tablets / Laptop Computers
  • Home & Car Keys (even "Hide-a-Key", etc.)
REMOVE IT OR LOSE IT - Prevent theft FROM vehicles

LOCK IT OR LOSE IT - Prevent theft OF vehicles

GS: Adapted from information provided by PGPD District VI C.O.P.S. Also, note that most car and personal insurance policies do not cover theft of such loose items - only installed equipment -- even then maybe not.