Sep 24 UPDATE South Laurel Residents STILL Getting "IRS" scam phone calls / IRS Issues Warnings & Tips

UPDATE 2014.09.24
UPDATE 2014.09.16
This info just came today from a resident of Snow Hill Estates, South Laurel:
There was a voice mail on our home phone yesterday which was an automated sounding voice stating to be Julie Smith with the IRS and we had to call her back at 202-506-8392 before they take action against us.  This is a scam.  A google search quickly confirmed our suspicion:

Another neighbor received a phone call demanding money or their child would be arrested.

Please do not fall prey to calls like this.

South Laurel residents are getting scam phone calls claiming to be from the IRS demanding unpaid back taxes -- this is an increasing phenomenon, nation-wide.

The IRS has reissued a warning and tips for how to handle such calls