ACTION: Send Comments Before June 10, 2019 End of Public Comments on Draft DC-Balt High Speed Loop by Musk

TO: South Laurel Community Associations Leaders,
cc: Montpelier Hills;
      State and County Elected Representatives ...

June 10, 2019 is the last day of the 45-day period to submit public comments, for (both) the PROPOSED "Washington, D.C. to Baltimore Loop Project" April 2019 Draft Environmental Assessment AND the accompanying "Draft Section 106 Programmatic Agreement" (see links below)

If you agree with the following two (2) comments, then please submit them, or in your own words, no later than June 10 at this OFFICIAL COMMENT link:
  • REQUEST: a 90-day extension of the comment period, to September 10 for both:
    • Washington, D.C. to Baltimore Loop Project, April 2019 Draft Environmental Assessment
    • Draft Section 106 Programmatic Agreement
    • BECAUSE: There has been seriously inadequate public notice, due to over-reliance on people inadvertently discovering the project website, and over-reliance on notices in print edition newspapers and in printed Project documents at only an incomplete list of libraries (omitting large populations served by Beltsville, Greenbelt libraries, etc.) and omitting the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center serving large populations in Laurel, South Laurel Beltsville, etc.) And because there have been no public forums for question and answers by residents in each potentially impacted community. 
  • REQUEST: Multiple local neighborhood public forums  
    • BECAUSE: The Loop Project will affect the entire Prince George's County and metro-region traffic-wise and economically, not just along the alignment corridor or immediate Limits of Disturbance 
  • IF you have not seen any Loop notices -- Please Say So in your Comment(s)
After that, by June 10, please review these two documents and submit as many additional comments of your own views as possible, based on the info below.

After submitting each of your comments at the OFFICIAL COMMENTS link
Please ALSO send copies of each of your comments to all your elected officials, such as listed at J.MP/mdrepsd1 --- or at J.MP/mdreps (if outside PG Council District 1)

Loop Project Info:
This is about the Loop project (driverless conveyances based on Tesla cars with rubber wheels on concrete, up to 150 mph or so). This is Not the HyperLoop Project, which, as i understand so far, is Musk's not-yet-formally-proposed future upgrade to Loop tunnels, to add magnetic levitation and potentially vacuum seal, to exceed 300 mph.). 

With Loop, the main artery would be at least 30 feet underground, about 35 miles long entirely from DC to Baltimore, mostly under the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Each spur to a served community (yet to be proposed in cooperation with each community) would presumably also be underground. Loop Project has contacted some state, county, and cities already. See links below for details.

"Signing and publishing this [Loop] document does not constitute any commitment or decision by FHWA or MDOT SHA on any matter, including approval by FHWA or MDOT SHA of the use of Federal-aid Highway Right-of-Way (ROW) for the Project; any agreement by the State of Maryland to transfer property rights beneath ROW owned or controlled by MDOT SHA; State of Maryland approval to construct or operate the Project; conditions applicable to any approvals that may be made by FHWA or MDOT SHA; or future obligation of the FHWA or State of Maryland to appropriate or obligate funds, contribute Federal or State resources, or take any other action relating to the Project." - DBL EA page 1

(*) Citizens Against The SCMagLev