May 11-12 SIGN Opposition Letters at Green Man Festival, Sat/Sun

This is a great opportunity to send comment letters.

GAESJ (see below) will give you a prepared letter (to add comments as you choose) and send it for you to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) overseeing MagLev planning and to several other officials, thus saving you much time and effort to do all those hard copy mailings yourself. This multiplies Your Impact. Thanks to GAESJ


STOP the Train - Support the NO BUILD Alternative 

Green Man Festival 
Saturday May 11 (10 AM to 6 PM) and Sunday May 12 (11 AM to 5 PM) 
Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt MD 

We need everyone that opposes the SC Maglev train project to visit our table at the Green Man Festival to sign and add comments to a prepared letter. We will mail the letters to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and officials. These new letters address new details in MTA’s Final Alternatives Report, which are of concern.Everyone can sign this letter even those that have already signed a letter. The public is allowed to comment on the new details. We need as many letters as possible. The new infrastructure to support the high-speed trains is massive and will forever change our communities. According to the Report, 2 to 6 trains per hour would be needed. The project will become a burden on Maryland taxpayers. The project will reduce our quality of life, lower property values and destroy precious wildlife habitat. 
Brian and Donna Almquist Greenbelt Advocates for Environmental and Social Justice 

See this notice on page 9 of the May 9, 2019 Greenbelt News Review

For more info on the enjoyable May 11-12 Green Man Festival see page 7 of that same May 9 issue of Greenbelt News Review

For MagLev opposition updates see StopThisTrain.ORG and

(*) For MTA’s Final Alternatives Report and other project info see 
Alternatives Report Body & Appendices A, B, C – November 2018   at

where you can enter your address to see your proximity to the proposed train routes.
Addresses for SCMAGLEV Comments for Record from Laurel Area Residents