FREE "Club" Wheel Locks Deter Theft of Cars and Air Bags

Bar-style steering wheel locks like "The Club" deter not only car theft, but for some cars they can also deter the increasingly common theft of air-bags.
I just confirmed that P.G. Police District 6 is still offering free Club steering wheel locks for participation in the free Watch Your Car program. For information about Watch Your Car, see but the web site does not offer the free Club steering-wheel lock.

To Register for Watch Your Car and get your free club lock, just drop by the P.G. Police District 6 statioin, 4321 Sellman Rd, Beltsville, MD (interactive map) and ask for Corporal Robison who usually is at the station Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Or you may call her at the station number 301 937-0910 to make an appointment.

Given what is at stake, even buying a club-style steering wheel lock may be a good investment.