How the School Board Election Will Work

This year's Prince George's County School Board election will be a little complicated. The following explanation is adapted from campaign literature of District 1 School Board Candidate, Rosalind Johnson.

Here is how the school board election will work:

The new elected school board will have 9 members. There will be one member from each of 5 districts and 4 at-large members

Step 1: Primary Election Voting
On September 12th, your ballot will show the candidates who are running in the school board District 1 race and the school board at-large race. You will be voting for 1 candidate in the District 1 Race and for 4 candidates in the at-large race.

Step 2: Primary Election Outcome

The top 2 vote getters in each District race and the top 8 vote getters in the at-large race will compete in the General Election.

Step 3: General Election
On November 7th, your ballot will show a total of 18 school board candidates: 2 Candidates in each of the 5 school board districts and 8 at-large candidates. You will be voting for 1 candidate in each of the district races and four candidates in the at-large race.

There will be 9 winners, who will become the new school board for Prince George's County.

The communities included in the new School Board District 1 are: Berwyn Heights, Glen Dale, Greenbelt, Laurel, Beltsville, New Carrollton, and a part of Good Luck Road at Duval High School that runs along Greenbelt Road into Lanham/Seabrook.