"South Laurel Focus" News Aggregator

UPDATE June 10 2010:
South Laurel Focus will be updated weekly on Tuesdays. 

UPDATE June 5: New weekly South Laurel Focus Posted
At South Laurel Focus there are now two ways to view the articles.
  • Click "Headlines" to show all headline articles;
     click each topical section (Leisure, etc.) to see more articles
  • Click "See all articles" to show all the articles on one long web page
Although South Laurel Focus is updated weekly, new articles are added near daily.

UPDATE May 29, 2012:
I have created a free online news aggregator web page, called South Laurel Focus, which i have focused sharply on South Laurel, MD 20708. As with my SouthLaurelViews. com, i get no money from anyone for this.

Much of the news will be automatically aggregated (but manually curated by me) from various sources in addition to items from SouthLaurelViews. com --  South Laurel Focus will not duplicate Laurel Leader, Laurel Gazette, Washington Post, or Baltimore Sun -- though some local items from those papers may be cited in South Laurel Focus. Local business items will also be included to promote local shopping for the sake of community prosperity and quality of life
South Laurel Focus is still in beta, as is the site where it is hosted, paper.liso there will be a few glitches from time to time. For example, the automatically generated topics menu is often mislabeled (Health, Leisure, etc.) -- so instead you may prefer to click "Show All Articles". And the "Archives" are not working right now. But the site seems to be stable enough for 140,000+ aggregators like the Laurel Mayor Journal
Send feedback and items for retweet to Garold Stone @South_Laurel_MD
I hope South Laurel Focus grows into a useful source of local news and information for our South Laurel community.