Security Tips to Prevent Home Burglaries & Thefts from Cars (2012)

As Police District VI continues working hard on investigation and enforcement to catch the perpetrators of the current rash of burglaries in the South Laurel Area, here are some effective measures to prevent opportunistic home break-ins and thefts from cars that we ourselves can take:

To the extent feasible:
  • Make your home look and sound occupied at all times, day and night.
    • Front and rear porch lights on at night
    • Radio, TV playing day and night
  • Close and lock all windows and doors at all times - home and cars.
  • Upgrade locks, bars, and outdoor lighting
  • Remove tempting valuables from sight - home and cars.
  • Install, activate, repair or upgrade security alarm systems - home and cars. 
  • Encourage neighbors to watch each other's homes and cars at all times. 
  • Encourage neighbors to call 911 for any suspicious activity which may indicate a potential crime or crime in progress